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Stress, Who Me? Really?

It’s been 5 years for me, since that day I decided to leap and completely change my life. It began ...
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Is Your Journey A Walk In The Wilderness, Lost & Alone?

Does your journey feel like a walk thru the wilderness, lost and alone? Does each step feel awkward? I get ...
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Holiday’s, Are You Taking Care of You?

Yes, it’s the holidays, does that mean you give up on you? So many people are in the midst of ...
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Beyond Affirmations

Have you ever been in a situation where you were so upset, so frustrated, angry or hurt that you just ...
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After the Ah ha ….

What happens after the ah ha moment, that moment when you figure out why…. Why the pattern? Why do you ...
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The Journey to Ascension

Can you feel the agitation? That feeling that makes you want to move, nudges you to shift and go into ...
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Are You Open to New Dimensions or Stuck in the Knowing?

Its been an interesting several weeks, as a therapist I am seeing clients daily, many of which are therapists and ...
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Distractions, Are They Working?

Have you noticed that our goals seem so important, in yet we can be distracted from the very things we ...
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Surviving On Scraps

It’s been a month of deep exploration. Who Am I?                What does, Who I Am, want?                               Who does ...
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Tapping Into Your Top Intuitive Gift

I just took this quick intuition quiz https://zk164.isrefer.com/go/IQ/Spirit from my friend Colette Baron-Reid. This quiz gives insight into your top ...
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