Is Your Journey A Walk In The Wilderness, Lost & Alone?

Does your journey feel like a walk thru the wilderness, lost and alone? Does each step feel awkward? I get it, and I’ve definitely been there. Its true so much of what we go through brings us our greatest gifts, but honestly life is no joke. When they say, “the universe only gives you as much as you can handle”, don’t you just want to scream, alright already, at least give me time to breath between major life teaching traumas.

Our thoughts do create most of our pain and suffering, but truly, when you’re in the midst of something, it can bring up panic and desperation. For me, my lessons are learned quicker and much more efficiently with help from those trained practitioners I know and trust. Just hearing someone say, just think better thoughts or use a good affirmation makes me want to grind my teeth. These suggestions feel more like an enhancement to my own failure than a comfort. Do affirmations work? Yes, of course, but first we need to be honest. What is truly causing the trauma, is it current? A trigger from past traumas, perhaps? We need to tell the story, understand the what and why, at least partially, enough to honor it rather than bury it. Just because we stop repeating it to ourselves and others doesn’t always mean we have dealt with it. The inner dialog, that can be the cause of added trauma, added pain. Are we creating a larger issue than it is? Exaggerating the issue to try and understand it. Perhaps put a spin on it. Our mind in an effort to protect us, has the ability to lock us down, keep us from moving forward. It’s definitely an age-old story, but one that can be minimized in time and pain with help.

When we find a trusted coach, especially one that is intuitive and can help you work all dimensions, body, mind and spirit, a terrifying trip lost and alone in the wilderness can become a walk in the park.

Robin is the founder of Spirit of the Lotus. She is a hands-on healer, medical intuitive, Shaman, Medium and Spiritually Guided Coach as well as being an Advanced Soul Coach(R), Adv. Past Life Coach(R) & Holographic Sound Healer. Spirit of the Lotus is in Columbia CT. More information can be found at: Appointments can be made by calling 860-709-3903.

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