Why I Couldn’t Become a Politician

As I watch what is playing out around the world during what I will refer to as the C-19 crisis, I have flash backs to my brief delve into politics. Years ago, while I was growing my industrial business, trying to survive with the big boys of my industry, I was approached to get deeper into politics. I have a strong love of business; networking and I really strongly feel the issues of right and wrong. I also, know nothing is so simple as black and white and learned very early grey areas are open to interpretation.
For example, the IRS, a decent accountant takes all the basic deductions, an excellent accountant learns every grey area and uses them for their clients benefit. If you can defend it, it’s a grey area and open to interpretation.
Politics is all about compromise. Give to get. Every politician joins the ranks because of their background, their pet projects or to right a wrong they feel strongly about. They go in with an education in politics if they are college politicians or feet first with a virgin’s enthusiasm for fun, if not.
My education began with CBIA’s (Connecticut Business & Industry Assoc.) environmental group, the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and a history of small-town politics because of my family history. As my business increased my networking with politicians increased for information of laws, regulations, and the like. I worked on a small board re-writing the regulations for women & minority businesses with the CT Department of Revenue and the Secretary of State’s office. I followed several campaigns, during my time handing out trigger locks was approached by many legislators to spear head gun legislation (I was pro-safety not anti-gun, no hate mail please). At one point I won a scholarship to Yale’s Political College from the local cable company. There’s more but you get where I’m going.
What I didn’t like was that more important than righting wrongs, was pleasing constituents. The bargaining I’ll vote for your pet project if you vote for mine. Each Politician learns early where the money to fund the projects comes from, how much or little your voice matters up against those with years of experience.
I was taught, some people get into politics just to raise money for pet projects. Think about it, when you run for office, you must raise money for your campaign. Back when I was interested, running for president paid you an automatic $100,000. To start. I was told, Ralph Nadar never ran to win; he ran to get his agenda out to the public and to fund his projects. A Politician can not keep the money raised for campaigns, but they can, in fact, give the money to the non-profits they chose. So, does that mean if you have a foundation you can give un-used campaign funds to the foundation? I’m not sure, I’d have to research that a little more. But I received money for my trigger lock campaign from a few politicians once the votes were tallied and money left over, because it was a non-profit.
So, enough history. How is all that reflected today?
Are the current politicians working on behalf of your health and wellness? Or are they basing their judgement calls on their constituents, donors and those holding the votes on the projects they so dearly hold as important? Who funds their campaigns, and will they get re-elected?
Are the Natural Healing Practitioners funding their campaigns or big Pharma or here in Connecticut Big Insurance and big manufacturing? Last I knew Connecticut was seriously trying to lure science and laboratories into the state to prop up the economy as our manufacturers dwindled. Does the Old Boy, big money corporations have more pull and substance in the narrative of politics? Think about it? Who do they need to please, to keep their jobs? You or me, I doubt it. Small businesses pay a huge portion of taxes because we do not have the ability to hide their income. That said, they do not collaborate and show up as one to fight for the rights as businesses and sole proprietors. Lastly, remember a small business is still considered a business with 500 or less employees, and there were several when I was there that would hire temps to avoid moving into the large company status.
When you listen to the narrative, remember, there’s a whole lot that’s not heard or learned with sound bites played in a loop. Do the research. Find the best way for you and yours to be the healthiest they can be. Please do not look to the politicians to have your children’s most important decisions made without doing your due diligence. Get the facts, all the facts. Ask your doctors. Go to PubMed, read the scientific studies completely not just the notes. Research the questions from many sources rather than one, read the inserts, know all the narratives then chose from a place of having done your best.
And please, do not let anyone, ever shame you for asking questions.
From this mom, to every mom out there, please be well.

Robin is the founder of Spirit of the Lotus. She is a hands-on healer, medical intuitive, Shaman, Medium and Spiritually Guided Coach as well as being an Advanced Soul Coach(R), Adv. Past Life Coach(R) & Holographic Sound Healer. Spirit of the Lotus is in Columbia CT. More information can be found at: https://spiritofthelotus.org/ Appointments can be made by calling 860-709-3903.

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