Stress, Who Me? Really?

It’s been 5 years for me, since that day I decided to leap and completely change my life. It began with getting a divorce. I’d been married for 30 years, for all outward appearances everything was fine.
Fine, just wasn’t cutting it anymore.
My son was on his own, married and doing really well. We were going thru the motions and basically working and living together. Honestly, I didn’t even feel like he liked me. Roommates, employee, no respect, no love lost.
Going through the motions just isn’t what life is meant to be.
I really didn’t want to die without love, without amazing laughter,earth shattering, orgasmic love. We both deserved better. I really wanted him to find the same, he deserved it too.
All that said, the divorce was stressful, heart wrenchingly stressful. I had to get the finances in order, get the business in order, continue to run the business alone….. Stressful. Pay alimony instead of payroll. Sell the business while not allowing it to crumble while phones no longer worked, computers were hacked for the fun of it, stressful.
So, the business sold. Stressful. Then sold again, even more heart wrenchingly stressful. My son deployed to Afghanistan, again.
Now all that is done. I expected to be calm and healthy in early retirement. I am financially secure and really do not have to worry about anyone but myself. Why, am I still struggling with stress? During the transition I know my cortisol levels were scary high, later my thyroid levels became extremely high, scary high. Why?
I still have stress, but no where near the levels I was familiar with.
I have worked for years, since 2005 on my health and wellness. My diet has been tweaked and twisted. I am gluten free, 90% grain and seed free. I eat as much as possible organic and green.
I found out that too many Brazil nuts, cause selenium toxicity, one or two at max per day is great for your thyroid and immune system.
I learned Kale and Broccoli are considered goitrogenic*** These two actually lower thyroid numbers which for me was really good, because my thyroid was Hyper, or making too much T3 & T4. The article linked is just one of many about foods and autoimmune issues.
So, I’m back, sorry for the off shoot. I want to talk about all things stress and how it really can affect your health. So, can the grief of selling your business cause stress? Apparently. Can being alone and lonely cause stress? Yes. Completely changing your life? Yes, it is stressful or at least it was and is for me.
What are some good things to do, first and foremost? Breath, Meditate, yoga, walk, sleep, extremely important & my favorite, get treated or at the very least, have a safe place to talk.
Mom’s, work is not the only thing that is stressful. Let’s open the discussion. Let’s be real. How is stress effecting your health? How are you dealing with stress? Or, are you ignoring it?

Robin is the founder of Spirit of the Lotus. She is a hands-on healer, medical intuitive, Shaman, Medium and Spiritually Guided Coach as well as being an Advanced Soul Coach(R), Adv. Past Life Coach(R) & Holographic Sound Healer. Spirit of the Lotus is in Columbia CT. More information can be found at: Appointments can be made by calling 860-709-3903.

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