Hello, I’m Robin Barros the founder of Spirit of the Lotus, in Columbia Connecticut, USA. I’m trained in Integrative Manuel Therapy (IMT), which is a type of physical therapy in that it removes strain. How? By a diagnostic skill that looks to the body for its wisdom, to give attention, energy and healing to the one, most important place within the body that will make the greatest positive impact. That may be the heart, brain, pancreas or even a rib out of alignment. Whatever the body needs. It also includes unconscious communication with the client and many hours of supplemental health training with some of the best homeopathic supplement companies in the world. IMT is truly amazing work. I know from personal experience and it’s that experience that opened me to the gift of healing. I’m also proud to be an Advanced Soul Coach® & Past Life Soul Coach®, trained by Denise Linn at Summerhill Ranch in 2014. I’m a Shaman, Certified by the Four Winds Light Body School for Healing, a Reiki Master Teacher and a Medical Intuitive. I am also a medium and channel, so my hands on therapy sessions can be extremely enlightening and sometimes really entertaining.

I love doing distance work as well, because of the connection to all that is, time and space really doesn’t come into play with healing. When I sit and intend a connection, the connection is as powerful as if you are sitting in my home. I have treated clients around the world. I have given readings, healed hearts and minds and the miles are never an issue. And I have to admit that, its so much fun doing a Past Life Regression or a Soul Journey on the phone!!

The best experience in healing for me was a two week stay in Atlanta where I worked with Paraplegic & Hemiplegic patients in all levels of need. From those that had run marathons to those that needed handlers just to get onto the table. They were amazing. Every one of them had been told they would not live, breath or ever walk again, and the reality was they wanted to live more than anyone I knew. Miracles are only miracles until you believe, then they become life as you know it. Blessings happen all the time.

Eleven years ago, I could barely walk, I was on the purple pill, I was afraid of dying like my parents of cancer at 60. I thought I was healthy and just overweight. What I learned was spirit had a plan. I love being a healer and I love being healthier and filled with even more joy, each and every day.