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Body, Mind & Spirit Hands on Therapy by Robin Barros, IMT-C, CSC-A, CLPC-A

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Do you wake up every morning in pain?  A constant backache or headache, constipation or worse the reverse. Afraid to go far because you need to know there's a restroom close by?

Or has it become worse and now you have a diagnosis of irritable bowel, hyper or hypo Thyroid-ism, Autoimmune or God forbid Cancer?

Do the doctors think your a hypochondriac because they can't figure out what's causing your pain.

IMT, Integrative Manual Therapy is a diagnostic technique that took me years to learn but I can feel everything in your body, the blood, the heart, the chambers in the heart, the liver, specific muscles and bone.  Combine that with my medical intuition and a whole lot of what some would say is woo-woo, and I can see, hear and feel what very few people can.

Put simply, I can help you heal.

Robin Barros, IMT,C, CSC-A, CPLC-A

Robin certified in Integrated Manual Therapy. She has extensive education in Anatomy, Growth and Development - Infant to Adult, Kinesiology, Neuro-anatomy, Physiology, Psychology. Has advanced training in Hyperplasia, Heart, Lungs, Endocrine System and PTSD .

Robin is also Attuned in the healing arts as a Reiki Master/Teacher & Shaman

Robin is a medical intuitive and is trained in unconscious and subconscious communication.

What is subconscious communication?

In the context of my work with a client, it is the ability to ask the body “would you like to communicate with me?”, not out loud but as a thought. I will receive an answer of yes or no. Simple. I then will ask, “How may I help you?” or perhaps I’ll ask a question that will give me a yes or no answer. Such as, when did this injury/illness first happen? How old were you? Was it something you heard or something that happened? I will ask your body if you need to know consciously? If your system says yes, I will give you something to contemplate, it may come to you immediately, or you may need to meditate on it. If your system says, no, than I’ll ask it to clear or if there’s something it needs first. I call this clearing away the baggage. Like cleaning the closet, it’s sometimes difficult at first but once you see the space, feel the freedom to move, and breath....the effort is worth it.

Healing Session-Introductory Session

First time? We can talk and get to know each other and the current issue at hand. If you're comfortable, I will get you on the healing table and do my diagnostics, treat what’s on the surface and if time allows go as deeply as possible.

Healing Session- Regular

A “regular session” can be for pain or discomfort, whether from an accident such as a sprain or contusion, repair from a recent surgical procedure or scaring from a past injury that may never have healed properly or even an alternative/complimentary treatment for cancer

Soul Coaching® Journey

This treatment begins with a de-coupling of fight/flight and includes a guided journey (meditation) specifically developed for you to see a potential future or outcome. Giving you the opportunity to enhance your life, now. This process brings you into alignment with your Soul's Specific purpose. Available in Distance and in person.

Soul Coaching® Past Life Journey

A Soul Coaching® Past Life Journey (Regression) is a guided journey into 1, 2 or 3 life times as well as one potential end of life and sometimes a chance to feel yourself cross over. It gives you the opportunity to learn about and even change traumatic events to enhance your life, now. This process brings you into alignment with your Soul's Specific purpose.


Illumination is a Shamanic Treatment, wonderfully gentle, it allows you to release traumas, realign the chakras and come back to balance. You're encouraged to relax and enter a meditative state surrounded in sacred space. The act of bringing breath to the physical, mental and emotional body gives it permission to let go of all that no longer serves.


An Extraction is a Shamanic Treatment, the removal of an object or entity, that is buried in the body. You may be aware of it or it may be buried, the cause of a pain or illness that your struggling with. Once the surface issues are cleared, the ability to go deep and uncover it, allows the removal. Once removed, the pain will be less or in many instances gone completely.

In Constant Pain?

Integrated Manual Therapy is a way to heal the entire body....not just the physical but the emotional pain and suffering that is causing the body to stiffen up or stop functioning.  Are you tired of waking up in pain?  Are you tired of constant issues like headaches, backaches, constipation or  worse the reverse?  

Has it gone so far that you've been diagnosed with Hypo or Hyper Thyroid, Autoimmune or God forbid Cancer? Or are you like so many others and you know something is wrong but the doctors think your just a hypochondriac, because they can't find the issue?

I can help, together we can get to the root cause of your pain.

Consultation Fee


Session Fees

$120.00 per session (90 min) ***Special 5 sessions save $50.00 if prepaid $550.00 ***

Distance Healing Work

Distance Healing work $75 per session 10 sessions $595.00

**Never tried distance healing, ask for your first session free, One per family.


INSURANCE IS NOT ACCEPTED. If you have extenuating circumstances and cannot afford the hourly rate, please call, it's possible that something can be worked out.

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What to Wear:



Extraction or Illumination, De-Coupling of Fight & Flight . $225.00


Past Life Regression and/or Soul Journey  $170.00


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