Krystyna Kulesz

Testimonial 09/23/17

I met Robin a few years ago. I took Reiki Classes with her. She is a wonderful teacher. Robin has a wonderful personality, she is warm hearted and loving. She has a great sense of humor and is very easy to be friends with. Robin is truly gifted in her field. I had a pleasure experiencing a Past Life Regression with Robin and she is truly amazing.

I would recommend her to anyone.

Testimonial 05/15/15

Good Morning Robin! I slept really peacefully last night. I haven't had a good night's sleep in a really long time. I did notice that I had some pain in that same area in my abdomen. I thought it was odd because I didn't eat anything last night, just drank water. Perhaps it was clearing out? I've noticed this morning I seem to be more calm and mellow. And yet, I also have noticed that I am much more alert and focused. I haven't felt that way in years. Even my vision seems to have more clarity. It's like I'm wearing 3-D glasses. Freaky and so COOL! Thanks..

Althea Greaney

Testimonial 09/23/17

Robin is a caring compassionate person with an impressive knowledge of many healing modalities. She shares her knowledge and skills to help her clients achieve their goals of good health. Two years ago she sent me remote healing after I had suffered a fall and serious injury to my cervical spine. The MRI in ER showed my spinal cord had suffered damage from damaged cervical discs. The doctors admitted me for surgery the next morning. But, the next morning the surgeon came in with good news. I had slept through the night. My spine was healing and the pain was abating. 5 days later I was pain and medicine free. The neurosurgeon released me from his care saying, “ You can decide when you want the cervical spine fusion surgery. I’m quite busy right now with other fall victims.” Two years and no surgery for me. Thank you Robin! I use Reiki she taught me to help ease my disease and keep me moving forward through life.

Testimonial 05/2014

Dear Robin,
Thank you so much for today. For me the experience began a little awkwardly as I wasn’t really sure what I would experience or what I should be doing, thinking, or feeling.
You guided me so softly and gently. The whole process became very real when the smooth little white and purple stone insisted on being seen and picked up and then asked, ”Where do I belong?” Where do I belong? The simple truth, I belong where I am. The baggage I needed to unload was the feeling that I didn’t belong, that I was merely an observer, not a participant. Where do I belong? Was a question I asked myself when I was 15 years old. It sent me to the stars to get away from everyone. Once there I thought, if only I could stay here, far away from everyone. And then I discovered that even there, in the vastness of space I am always connected to everything. What a thing to discover and then forget until a little stone asks the question again. Or… was it then that I built… for protection from the pain of feeling like I didn’t really belong where I was? Doesn’t matter, it’s gone and I belong where I am and where I am going.

The process of removing the baggage was much harder. There was what felt like a hard rock in my heart that didn’t want to leave. I felt nauseas and it was very hard getting that rock to move. I know in my head that I am loved. It was my heart that couldn’t accept it. Now that it’s gone I feel electricity in my extremities. It feels good to feel again. I am so grateful for this gift.

There is more I need to tell you but the heaviness is entering my heart and I must sleep and empty the darkness and fill it with light, love and hope.

Hey Robin, sorry this took so long to get to you....

I wasn't really sure what context this is supposed to be in so I gave a little introduction:

"I met Robin Barros about two years ago when I began to have an interest in Reiki Energy healing. I was fortunate enough to have found and connected with Robin and I am truly grateful that she was the one who mentored me (and my two brothers) in the healing Arts of Reiki. She is an extremely warm and welcoming person and carries within her the beautiful loving energy of Gaia. During her bi-weekly Reiki shares she taught my brothers and I a great deal about energy healing and also helped us our individual paths of healing. We decided to get our Reiki 1 and 2 with her and it was a really great experience; Robin taught us the practices, symbols, and meditations, and led us and our group in a loving and light-hearted way, she even gave each of us a Selenite wand! She guided us through the Reiki 1 and 2 ceremonies that day and also coached us through the following days where a lot was cleared and cleansed and let go. Robin is a wonderful person to be around and she is a natural healer and overall beautiful soul to be with"

Hope some of this is usable, feel free to message me if you want to word or paraphrase, you have my full consent to do so!

Also, I don't know if you have seen any of my posts on macbook, but I am helping to put on a small folk festival next weekend in Hadlyme, CT. It'll be a relatively small event as there is a small capacity, but it will be a really homey vibe with good people and music, and all of the proceeds are going to help raise awareness about the opiate epidemic which is happening. Its 6-10pm on Friday the 20th (I will be performing this day as well) and 4-10 on the 21st! Just figured I'd extend a personal invitation and if you have nothing going on and want to listen to some music it could be a nice day out! Here is a link with more info:)