Frequently Asked Questions

What can you expect from a treatment session?

To begin with I will sit with my client and chat for a moment. What exactly is going on in your world. Is there an injury, new or old, are you tense or depressed, what are the symptoms, etc.? I may take range of motion measurements for current status. I will do one or two diagnostics to find the exact area of tension or need that the body will show me.

Do I have to get undressed?

No, All of our treatments are done fully clothed. We suggest comfortable clothes such as workout clothes, light and easy to move in. Jeans are not as easy to work with as sweat pant or yoga style stretch pants, but if that’s what you have we can deal with it with ease.

Is your treatment like massage?

No, Our treatments are light touch or no touch if the client is ultra sensitive. Many times treatment is like connecting the dots. I may have one hand on the frontal lobe of the brain and the other hand on you heart. I may keep my thoughts on both and move a hand to your liver. I basically clear my head of all extraneous inner dialog and put all of my energy to holding a space for your body so that it can feel safe and allow itself to relax enough to begin the healing process.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Eastern practice that is taught around the world. It is a practice of being a clear, open conduit for energy to flow from the universal consciousness thru a practitioner into a person to be guided by the body to where the energy is needed for healing or enhancement. The premise is that the Practitioner sees the patient as perfect, whole, healed and loved. Thoughts are things, so if you think it, it is so.

Will there be talking?

Talking is up to the client. Some Clients prefer quiet, meditative states, some prefer to sleep, many like to talk. There may be discussion around the issue at hand. I may give you a spot or two to put your hands and something for you to contemplate, personally or out loud.

Will the diagnostic always lead me to the area of pain or dysfunction?

Not always. For example many people complain of lower back or spine pain. It’s quite common that back pain is actually a symptom of digestion. Either way there are excellent treatment plans for spinal injury issues, disc issues or digestive issues.