Reiki Circle/Night of Healing




$10 per person

Every Monday we have a Reiki Circle/Healing Circle, the evening begins with Drumming, rattling & sometimes a little chanting or a guided meditation to raise our vibration and clear the days stress. Creating the intention to open and expand our hearts, to bring even more joy into our life, even better health and wellness. This group is filled with talented healers, trained in Reiki, IMT, Shamanism, sound healing, mediumship and powerful intuition.

Not sure if you believe? Interested in learning more? Everyone is welcome. If you are not formally trained you will be introduced to the basics, learn how Reiki works and how your intention and focus can shift the way you feel in a very positive way. I prefer to do this prior to starting so please be sure to call me and make arrangements for this introduction. Everyone is encouraged to come 15 minutes prior to get your hugs and fill of chit chat, we will begin precisely at 6:30.


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