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by Robin Barros, IMT-C, CSC-A, CLPC-A

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Practice Seeing Miracles

Years ago, during a class, that was teaching an awesome healing modality a conversation was started.  My mentor/teacher made a bold statement that Reiki doesn’t work anymore.  She said it was no longer enough to really reach the depth of pain and suffering seen today.  Much later, while reading a book about different healing modalities I was captured by a thought expressed by the author saying that people loved Reiki, paid thousands of dollars to learn the art of Reiki Healing.  Then as more and more people got excited and spread the wisdom, a few became fearful.  Thinking, if everyone teaches, if everyone becomes a practitioner, there will not be enough to go around. So, as I read, I thought to myself, wow, yes, that fear of not having enough to sustain ourselves, while doing what we love, is so very powerful, an issue felt by every business owner, every employee afraid to take the leap to independence. 

That being said, perhaps what she really meant, was that the diluted version of Reiki being taught by some, isn’t as powerful as the Reiki once taught by the dedicated Reiki Master of Yesterday, taking their time, full attention with intention, practice and love.  Why? Because with practice we learn and strengthen our abilities.  With practice, with others, we see possibilities of depths of healing that may not be known.  Our intention for health of another is powerful, no doubt, but if your vision of someone’s health is not as full as another’s vision does that cheat the client.  For example, some may see the health of a quadriplegic to be a happy, smiling person in a wheel chair, who is loving life.  That is a great place to be, if that person is starting from a place of “why me?” or a place of “I’ve gotten through so much and I’m happy with my life.”  Yes, for some that is a great result of a healing regiment.  In my experience, I have seen quadriplegics heal to a place they can finish marathons.  So, for me, just smiling in a wheel chair may be just the start of healing.  I’m not saying every person is able to get from survival to marathon runner.  What I am saying is that a truly experienced healer knows just how spectacular the possibilities are.

Miracles are only miracles until they become common occurrences, then your miracle is my possibility or even probability.

Find the Reiki Master Teacher you really resonate with and learn, take the classes, ask the questions, but, please, don’t stop there. Keep going. Practice and keep learning, techniques, modalities. Get the treatment done to clear you and yours so that you’re clear enough to even see what is within another. Beyond the teaching is the experience, the background, the knowledge and compassion of your teachers and yourself. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and I love teaching. I open my space to all levels to practice and learn. I share my knowledge and invite others to share theirs. Most of all, I pray that I really encourage the best of my students and myself. There are amazing teachers out there, I am so grateful to the opportunities I’ve had to learn and to practice.

Robin is the founder of Spirit of the Lotus. She is a hands-on healer, medical intuitive, Shaman, Medium, Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritually Guided Coach as well as being an Advanced Soul Coach(R), Adv. Past Life Coach(R) & Holographic Sound Healer. Spirit of the Lotus is in Columbia CT. Appointments can be made by calling 860-709-3903.

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